Elementary School Thoughts

I’m starting off my first blog with some fresh and not so good feelings.  Today I was invited to attend my nephews’ Leadership Day at their elementary school.  I was so excited to go because this elementary school was also the school Kam went to.  I have many fond memories.  It’s a great school and many of the teachers he had are still there.  As I was waiting for the production to start I was looking around and saw many reminders of when Kam went there.  I began to feel tears roll down my face.  As I saw each teacher he had–I froze.

My thoughts went immediately to, “oh no they’re going to ask me how ‘Kayla’ is.” What would I say? Do they know about him already?  What will they think?  It really wasn’t the right time to be discussing him.

Instead they asked me, “who are you here for?”  No one said a word about “Kayla.” As I wondered around looking at all the artwork and children buzzing around the halls I couldn’t help but remember when “Kayla” went there and how many times we walked the same hallways.  “She” seemed so happy at that school.  I could remember vividly where I walked with “her” to class or sat next to “her” in a classroom.  Memories I haven’t thought about in years all came flooding back in an instant.  Eighteen years of memories…As time has gone by it has become a little easier but I allow myself to feel the emotions.

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